Rifat Hamoudi

Associate Professor
Molecular, Cellular and
Computational Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Sharjah


Dr. Rifat Hamoudi, Ph.D, C.Eng, C.Sci is an Associate Professor in Molecular, Cellular and Computational Medicine within the College of Medicine, University of Sharjah. He is a multi and inter-disciplinary researcher with deep background and work experience that spans the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science. He started out as electronic engineer but moved to medical sciences. He has three different MSc degrees from the University of London in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Electronic & Medical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. He has a PhD from University of Cambridge in Pathology & Immunology.

He worked in cancer genetics, molecular and cellular pathology and software engineering projects and was involved in the design and analysis of more than 100 scientific research studies including phase I clinical trials.