PAHGC 2018 will be organising two parallel workshops on 20 Jan 2018 and is open for registration for conference delegates as well as non-delegates.

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Workshop 1

Genetic Counselling for Arab Populations


Sonika Sachanadani Phulwani, Genetic Counselor, Valiant Clinic, Dubai, UAE

Dr. Alya Qari, Genetic Counsellor, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riaydh, KSA

Dr. Hinda Daggag, Genetics Project Specialist, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, UK

Workshop details:

In the Arab world, the combination of a tribal societal structure with high rate of consanguinity and large family size has raised the prevalence of autosomal recessive diseases.  First cousin marriages in Arab countries may account for 25–30% of all unions.  Those families with genetic diseases need to learn about the etiology of these diseases and possible treatments for their affected children.  For most of the genetic diseases, no radical cure is available.  Genetic counselling has the potential to be very useful in reducing parental fears of an obscure and frightening force behind genetic illness.  Parents need to be educated about how genetic disease recurrence could be prevented and how relatives can also avoid having children with the same condition.

This workshop introduces participants to some issues in genetic counseling.  We will present different perspectives of genetic counselors practicing in the Middle East.  The workshop proceeds in two parts in which we start with a brief introduction about genetic counseling and genetic counseling settings followed by case presentations that will be presented in an interactive session.  The cases discussed in this workshop will focus on various genetic counseling perspectives of prevention and psychosocial issues.

This workshop will benefit:

Clinicians who may be seeing genetic cases
Medical students

Workshop 2

Ensembl Workshop on Genetic Variation and Gene Regulation


Dr. Emily Perry (Pritchard), Ensembl

Dr. Erin Haskell, Ensembl

Workshop details:

The Ensembl project at provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of mainly vertebrate genome sequences.

This 1-day workshop will not only offer participants the possibility of gaining hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl genome browser but will also provide them with the necessary background information.

The workshop is primarily targeted at wetlab researchers, and we customise the course for species of interest and to include total beginners to our browser up through frequent users.

Learning outcomes

Learn about the data types in Ensembl

Learn how to view data in the Ensembl browser Learn how to mine Ensembl data using BioMart


Introduction to Ensembl and Ensembl genes


Viewing genes and locations in the browser

Looking at known variants in Ensembl


Analysing your own variants with the Ensembl VEP

Viewing features that regulate gene expression


Data export with BioMart

Feedback from previous courses:

“There are probably quite few people out there who all assume that Ensembl today is the same as it was years ago.  It is not. With many new features and datasets incorporated/interlinked, it offers data exploration like never before.  This course was a very useful update on what Ensembl has become” Browser workshop, CRUK, April 2016

“Very useful workshop, certainly one of the most informative and useful I have attended. Delivered by someone who was extremely familiar with the website and its capabilities, not someone who had used it a couple of times and proclaimed themselves to be an expert.” Browser workshop, Cardiff, March 2014